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Does Domain Authority Matter in Modern SEO?

Domain Authority (or DA) predicts how well sites will rank and how they will stack up against the competition, but its use has been controversial. The metric is often misused with many SEOs aiming for links over a certain number while trying to increase their own DA. However, relying on one metric alone is inaccurate and unreliable in the world of search engine optimization. If the digital agency you are working with seems to have a sole focus on the metric, you likely are missing out on digital solutions that would better suit your brand strategy.


DA Shortcomings
Moz uses around 40 factors when determining a DA score. Even still, measuring how a website will rank and perform is more complicated. It also has been shown that an increase or decrease in DA does not necessarily correlate with a better or worse performing website, nor does it indicate how the website will rank on Google. Even the PageRank on Google doesn’t give the full picture when it comes to how well a website will do in the online market.



Simply put, focusing on a single metric, regardless of which metric that may be, won’t give the full picture of website performance. Due to this, it’s not possible to have an accurate idea of future performance based on it. Further, the scores can be easily manipulated. The reason digital marketing agencies and businesses will see so many high-DA links for sale is because there isn’t true value behind them. Marketing content needs to have information and relevancy for customers above all else.


Relevance Matters
If DA and PageRank don’t matter as much as many SEOs believe, the question becomes, “what should my digital agency focus on?” Relevance and quality content have been proven to increase the effectiveness of digital strategy. When link building and deciding on the value of another site or page, it is more important that the link is relevant to the content it’s linking to and that the content on the page has value for the target audience.


Domain authority and PageRank can be important tools when put in the context of the bigger picture. A higher DA with content that the audience isn’t interested in won’t stay relevant and won’t get the return on investment businesses need to thrive in eCommerce. Google’s AI system has become intelligence since the company first began in 1993. The old tricks of the trade have gone by the wayside. While DA can help monitor efforts and give an indication of how a website will improve, any single numeric value used solely in modern marketing will bear missed opportunities for website performance.


However, used as a tool in the campaign, it can indicate where the shortcomings are for a website. If a higher DA website is continually ranking lower than a competitor, chances are the problem is with the content. A good digital agency will look at those numbers and determine whether the content needs to be rewritten or edited, then make better decisions for the content marketing strategy moving forward. DA isn’t a metric of the past, but it can only be relied on to shed light on the overall picture rather than seen as a numeric judgment of site performance.


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1Digital Agency Has eCommerce SEO Solutions for You

More and more businesses are finding that their profits are better online. That's because internet stores have inventory costs that are way lower, so their selection is better, which means shopping online is just much more streamlined and convenient. As a result, brick and mortar stores, in many ways, just can’t quite compete with eCommerce sites.


This may be the reason there are countless shops that exist exclusively on the internet, with more being added every day. Even some established brands are closing their doors and opening online only. Yet no matter whether a company consists of a combo of actual and virtual stores or is just an internet store, its success online depends on sleek, modern web design, smart use of social media, entertaining blogs, and a whole lot of witty ad copy.



This isn’t very simple to do. Even the most business savvy CEOs might not be so savvy when it comes to eCommerce SEO. Building or updating websites and communicating with clients and customers on the web is hard, and it requires lots of skill and work. Just about everyone knows that attention spans are short these days and people have zero tolerance for dated websites; it just takes a few seconds and a few bad sentences to bore a potential shopper and that’s it. They bounce away to another smarter site, never to return again.


Don’t let this happen to you,
Just turn to 1Digital Agency and we will make sure this won’t ever happen. You see, we’re a digital marketing agency with experts who will get your site the rankings, ratings, readers, and, most importantly, the buyers that you need. Whether you have an established website that just needs some tweaking or you need something built from bottom to top, we’re here for you.


We recognize how imperative it is that site owners use smart content marketing and site design to improve their placement online. We also know that you, like lots of business owners, often don’t have the time to worry about that sort of thing. You’ve got a business to manage. We get it. Yet we’re also aware that your business could be better, with beyond brisk sales if you just leave every aspect of your web design to 1Digital Agency. The fact is, businesses that work with us can see an incredible increase in website visits and sales.


The secret is the SEO. Search Engine Optimization. When it comes to eCommerce SEO, you’ve got to build a site that not only looks amazing but that Google can find and then rank in that sweet spot on the first page. Well, you don’t have to do it, let our staff of genius designers and developers do that for you.


So you’ll save time by letting us build, redesign, or update your website, which increases your ratings, brings in business, and makes you more money. Could it be any better? We don’t think so. You and your website need us and we can’t wait to get to work, that’s why you should contact us now.

1Digital Agency is the Shopify + Partner You Need

Building a website from inception to launch can be a tedious task, and you probably feel like you need someone who is qualified and knows the ins and outs of eCommerce to get things moving and build the website you envision. Whether you are starting a new project or redesigning your website, 1Digital Agency is the Shopify + Partner that you need.


Since inception in 2012, 1Digital Agency has been a Shopify + Partner, working closely with Shopify on all types of projects including Shopify store design, development, digital marketing and more. With a team of Shopify designers and developers, expertise clients will be satisfied with the ability to meet complex needs and address the details of the project quickly and efficiently.



When you choose to begin such a demanding and timely process, you want to have a team behind you that will go that distance and go the extra mile for you. Let 1Digital be that team to blaze the trail for success in digital marketing. At 1Digital, you can watch your online store soar to new heights.


Working with a digital agency, especially one who is a partner with a major eCommerce platform like Shopify can have a lot of added benefits.


Hiring a digital agency can provide new perspective to your vision and your brand. Let’s face it, you know your brand better than anyone and have a vision of what it is capable of doing. It’s like a child, being nurtured for all these years and it can be difficult to hear the honesty of an outside perspective. However, the constructive criticism or new ideas created from brainstorming with someone who is new to the group can go a long way to making a difference with so many small aspects of the website.


Agencies also have more knowledge about the platforms you are using, how to promote your brand through content and social media and time to focus on your marketing goals. Sometimes, you need to let the professionals take over the reigns so you can put your time to better use.


In the long run, hiring a full-time staff member or a team to handle the marketing duties, create content and manage everything that goes into the website can be costly and ineffective. An agency allows you to save money on a full team and leave the challenges to the experts.


With 1Digital Agency, you get everything you would expect from a digital agency and more. The team will be dedicated to your project from start to finish and beyond to tackle all of the difficult questions and find solutions to your problems. 1Digital Agency is the Shopify + Partner you need because of the dedication you will get and the service that will be available always.


Contact 1Digital Agency today by calling 215-809-1567 or sending an email to info@1digitalagency.com and set up an appointment to get started and to learn more about what the dedicated staff can do for you. With the right skills in Shopify design and development, you can be guided on the path to eCommerce success.